Hi, we're Sutro.

We design & develop web applications.

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We work with teams to build great products.

We're full-stack developers bringing years of experience in Ruby on Rails development to the table.
We plan, design, and build using an iterative and data-driven style.

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Whether we're helping get a new product off the ground or augmenting an existing team, we believe that constant communication, quick turnaround, and careful measurement is instrumental to success.

Our clients

Sutro got up to speed fast and delivered more than we asked ... They were responsive, highly productive, and they told us everything we needed to know once the project was ready to go. - Rafik Robeal, Engineering Lead @ FutureAdvisor

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Open Source

We're huge fans of open source technology, and are constantly building tools of our own.

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The Team

Andrew has been building things for the web ever since he learned what an HTML tag was. He's a fanatic Rubyist and vimmer, and is passionate about usability, design, and TDD. When he's not programming, you can find him attempting to cook or hiking up a mountain.

Mike looks for challenging projects to put his knowledge of Economics, Business, and Computer Science to use. He's most interested in building B2B products alongside other talented individuals.

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